What are the best furniture stores in Abu Dhabi? - ReviewAE (2022)

We cannot deny thatfurniture shopping is extremely satisfying especially when you get to visit a physicalfurniture store. To choose what suits you best, physical furniture stores enable you to try out different options of furniture. Wander around the store, and try out many pieces of furniture such as; chairs and tables to see which one’s feel the most comfortable and durable. Unlike physical stores, online stores have a wider variety, but as a consumer we always trust what we physically try and see.

Want to know what are thebest furniture Stores in the UAE, especiallyfurniturestores in Abu Dhabi?

Here are some stores we recommend you visit.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barnis a very high-quality brand that specializes in designing classic furnitureanddécorin a variety of aesthetics. The store offers a wide range of indoor and outdoorfurniture. It also offers accessories, bedding sets, kids’furnitureand school essentials with customized names.

Pottery Barn Abu Dhabihas three branches. The Galleria mall branch is the best option if you are looking for a branch that is close to the city. As for those living in Khalifa city, or other areas outside Abu Dhabi, consider visitingPottery Barn at Yas Mall. It has a wider variety, and includes Pottery Barn Kids. You can also visit several other furniture stores in one outing. The third branch is at Dalma mall, they usually have more stock available than in other branches.

We visited thePottery Barnstore atYas malland roamed around. We observed theclassical colors used in theirfurniture designs, and the range of wood types used in their furniture such as, MDF and solid hardwood. It mostly offers products made of pine and oak materials.

However, we noticed thatPottery Barnoffers very high prices for itsfurniture.If you are considering to purchase their products, we would recommend you to purchase during special promotion seasons. Special promotion periods are usually on December and February. Unfortunately,Pottery Barndoes not offer Homat Al Watanor Fazaa card holders any discounts. For more offers, visitjust grab dealsfor the Pottery Barnonline store.

What we loved about Pottery Barn other than the furniture they offer, is the beddings. All the beddings at Pottery Barn are made of organic cotton which is something we live for! We love the fact the store offers beddings. Their bed sizes are American and it makes it easy to shop from one destination.

As for us parents,Pottery Barnsolves challenges we face when shopping for the perfectfurnitureand clothing for kids. As a parent, shopping forfurniturethat is most suitable for your kids age may be the most stressful task. We worry about safety issues such as: toxic substances used for coloringfurniture. As well as sharp edges, slippery beds or the height of the bed. With the wide range of kids’ furniture we saw at the store, we are definitely put at ease is it is high quality, and safe for us consumers.

Excitingly, we also found out thatPottery BarnKids offer school supplies. They offer school bags, lunch boxes, pencil cases and furniture that is customizable with embroidered text making it truly personal and unique. VisitPottery Barn Kidsto view their range of customized products.

Store Location: Yas mall

Contact Number: 02 492 6545

Opening Hours: 10 am – 10pm

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West Elm

West Elmwas first introduced in 2002, it focuses in offeringmoderndesignfurniturethat is affordable and reasonable.

The storeis a high-quality brand that provides a wide collection of homefurniture, decorations, bedding sets, and artificial plants. UnlikePottery Barn,West Elmproducts are bright in color andmodernin style. Just likePottery Barn,West Elmis also owned by William Sonoma; however it is more affordable in comparison toPottery Barnand offers verymoderndesigns. A negative aspect is that a person shopping forClassical items may rarely find something suitable inWest Elm.

Something beneficial for us consumers in the store is that it offersinterior designservices free of charge. The client specifies his/her budget and the team works to achieve a design within the precise budget. Theinterior designteam visits the clients home to take measurements and ask for the customers preference and demands.

When we visited the branch atYas mallAbu Dhabi, we observed items that are nearly half priced. Very few customers pay attention to the clearance items as they are usually at the back of the store. Always make sure you check out their clearance items so you could get the benefit of their great deals. Also, you could sign up and get noticed on email for discounts, as they usually offer discounts regularly throughout the year. VisitWest Elmto check their latest collections and promotions online as well.

Store Location: Galleria Mall

Contact Number: 02 492 6603

Opening Hours: 10 am – 10pm

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2XL furnitureis known for its wide variety of sophisticated and exceptionalfurniture. The Emirati retail company provides its customers a diversity of products, from taste, quality and price. The brand focuses on providing a French inspired product range. It symbolizes aristocracy and an extraordinary range ofmodern furnitureaiming on providing a finer taste for an urban lifestyle.

2XLhas 9 showrooms across the UAE from Alain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah. The showrooms in Abu Dhabi are located in Marina mall, Dalma mall and Mushrif co-op.The branch we visited is an on the go store as its located in an efficient location. Unfortunately, based on local knowledge that area does not have a parking meter. So, customers visiting2XLshould keep in mind that they should have the parking app to pay for a ticket.

During our visit to2XLin Al Mushrif co-op, we observed the arrangement offurnitureand other products. They offer a wide variety from bathroom accessories, décor and lightening. We realized immediately that they offered Ramadan accessories as Ramadan is coming up. They had a variety of Ramadan collection, but mainly kitchen accessories. We asked if they offer holiday accessories such as for Eid or Christmas. We found out that they do based on the upcoming season and what is trending in the market. In addition, many Emiratis buy wedding decorations or decorative boxes for Maha’ar which is the dowry.

From previous purchases we realized that2XL furnitureprovides a fast, efficient and safe delivery service.Such services can be convenient for customers that have a tendency to change their furniture frequently. Thisfurniture store is right for you,if you are among the UAE nationalists that tend to change up theirfurnitureon a yearly basis. We also noticed that theirfurniturehas great value for its money. But, based on experience the styles become outdated and quality does not last as much as its competitors.

To view the products or enjoy shopping online, you can visit the2XL online store.

Store Location: Al Mushrif co-op

Contact Number: 02 447 6962

Opening Hours: 10 am – 11:30 pm

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The One

Known for ensuring affordable luxury and high quality homefurniture. The Oneis a UAE life style brand that offers a total home experience at an exceptional value. After our visit toThe One at Al Mushrif in Abu Dhabi, we were flattered by its wide selections of unique seasonal collections. They focus onmodernfurnituredesign, neutral colors and small details. There is sufficient parking outside, however, it could be a bit difficult to find a close spot during peak times. The shop is not big, but very convenient as it is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Since its opening, it has become one of the bestfurniture stores in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other regions.

The staff were really hospitable and helpful which made our experience even more pleasurable. They were experienced, professional and really informed of all the products and aware of our needs as customers. Customer service varies from home installation of purchases to free consultancy and guidance oninterior design. Along with their high quality luxuriousfurniture, they offer a wide selection of faux flowers. These have remained a customer’s favorite during their visit.

We loved the fact they offer pinball machines that you or your kids can enjoy playing during your visit.The Oneoffers a variety of brands satisfying different budgets. The brands include;The Onewhich offers affordable homefurniture, and FUSION byThe One which features high endhome decor. As well as, The OneJunior that provides appealingfurniturecollection for kids, andThe OneBasics which features lower priced products in a cash-and-carry concept.

We noticedThe One’sattempt to encourage improvement in the world. We were assisted by a physically challenged employee. We also love thatTHE Onehas become environmentally friendly. They put effort to eliminate or reduce the use of plastic bag.

THEOneoffers an online e-commerce platform. It allows you to view their catalog to make the shopping experience more convenient for you.At the end of our shopping experience, we enjoyed dining inTHE Onebistro. It offers lots of choices for dining anytime of the day.THE Oneis truly a nice experiential store to visit. It has three floors of beautifulfurnitureand accessories. The top floor is dedicated to the bistro with indoor and outdoor areas. To top all that, they also offer regular discounts in addition to fazza and adnoc discounts.

Store Location: 15th street, Mushrif area, opposite Umm al Emarat park.

Contact Number: 600541007

Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm

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Marina Home

If you’re looking for a luxurious urbanfurniture storethat is innovative in the UAE. Then, Marina Homeis surely the store for you.Marina Homeis located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, specifically at Abu Dhabi Mall. The store offers a wide range offurniturethat has a classical modern twist. The quality of thefurnitureexceeds expectation as theirfurnituredesigns are tailored to excellence. Evolving along with global trends,Marina Homenever fails to satisfy its customers. They are always updating and adding new furniture designs.

What we loved atMarina homeis that you can find furniture designed for specific areas such as; your living area, dining area,bedroom, and office as well. Marina Home’s concept of the reimagined Majlis which is their new approach of Arabian hospitality is a concept we love. We asked if there were any products designed specifically for the month of Ramadan. The staff mentioned that they introduced a campaign last month called Tawla Traditions. The campaign offers a limited-edition collection of handmade Backgammon boards. We would honestly love to get a hand on one of those boards. It’s a nice way to enjoy and socialize during our Ramadan get togethers.

What we also found great aboutMarina Home,is that it’s perfect for those who want to stand out. You will rarely find anyone else with the same sofa, bed, or table as they come in limited quantities. The staff atMarina Furniturein Abu Dhabi mall are very helpful and will answer any questions you may have. Regarding the discounts, we sadly discovered they are no discounts for those who carry Faza’a or Hemat Al Watan cards. However, they did mention they offer 5% discounts on purchases over AED5000 and 10% discounts on purchases over AED10,000. They also offer greater discounts in the Dubai Shopping Festival season reaching up to 25%. It is the best time to shop for furniture in our opinion.Another thing we also like about the store is that it offersinterior designservices. The services are for homes or offices. It’s a perfect solution if you are struggling with putting yourfurniturepieces together in a setting. To view their products, visit theMarina Home websiteand view their latest collection (Prices not

Store Location: Abu Dhabi Mall, 1stFloor

Contact Number: +971 6455488

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

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