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Movie marathons and home theatre nights get better when there’s a TV unit to hold the TV in place. Organize your entertainment zone with a stunning TV unit design that complements the décor theme of your room. If you have a TV unit in the living room opt for a wooden TV unit design for hall as it is highly versatile and can seamlessly fit into any décor scheme. A modern TV unit with storage space and shelves is ideal for displaying your favourite souvenirs, trinkets, and family portraits and also for storing papers and magazines. A TV wall unit can also hide unsightly wires and cables which will further elevate the appearance of the space in which the TV unit is placed.

TV Unit Designs To Choose From At Urban Ladder

Now that you’ve got your dream TV unit, isn’t it time to think about the right kind of TV unit design that will safely keep it in place? Elegant and stylish TV unit designs can do wonders in sprucing up the décor of the home especially the living room. Depending on the décor theme of your space, a TV unit furniture design can seamlessly fit into a modern and contemporary home.

  • TV unit design in hall

    Modern TV units for living rooms are designed keeping in mind modern design sensibilities of furniture enthusiasts. The living room or hall is after all an intimate space where members of the family spend time together. Therefore, it is important to place a TV unit design in the hall that is both pleasing to the eye as well as comfortable. Most homes prefer placing the latest TV unit design in the living room where they entertain their family members and friends. So, go ahead and get a couple of stylish sofa set and place your TV unit set in the living room for the next big party!
  • Modern TV unit design

    TV stand designs designs created in a modern and contemporary fashion are in vogue now! The simple and minimalistic designs coupled with its functional storage options makes a modern TV unit design a sought-after furniture piece. Available in myriad shades, colours and styles, a modern TV unit will be a perfect addition to your living room space!
  • Wooden TV unit design

    What’s not to love about wooden furniture? With its raw texture, nature inspired design and durability, wooden furniture pieces have been the de facto furniture design for centuries. A wooden TV unit design is the ideal fit for décor spaces that rely heavily on natural materials. Get one on Urban Ladder and we’re sure you will love it!

Choose wide range of TV Unit at Urban Ladder

TV units designs may vary from room to room depending on the colour scheme and décor accessories. Check out the different types of TV units for different spaces in your home:

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  • TV unit for living room

    Living room is the heart of the home when it comes to entertaining and bringing people together. Since the living room sets the décor tone of the home, selecting the right TV cabinet designs for living room must be carefully thought out. TV unit designs in the living room can provide both functional and aesthetic value. The drawers and cabinets in a TV unit for living room can be used well to store everyday items that are often required in the living room. Coasters, placemats, coffee table books, magazines and newspapers can all be stashed away safely in a well-designed TV cabinet for living room. A stunning and elegant TV stand can make a world of difference in uplifting the ambience of the living room. TV units crafted out of wood are a delight to the eyes as they are incredibly versatile and durable. Keep one in your living room to heighten the visual appeal of your décor!
  • TV Unit for bedroom room

    Since we spend nearly a third of our day cooped up inside our bedroom, selecting the right accessories is extremely important. Place a stylish TV on a sturdy bedroom TV unit for a relaxing movie experience right before you hit the bed. A TV unit design for bedroom must be selected based on the size of the bedroom, overarching décor theme and colour scheme. A minimalist bedroom décor may require an all-white TV cabinet for bedroom whereas a modern or contemporary décor may require an all-natural wooden TV panel design for bedroom. Experiment with a variety of colours and materials and choose the one that best suits your bedroom décor. Check out Urban Ladder’s online catalogue for ideas!
  • Modern TV unit

    Modern homes require modern solutions. So, when it comes to choosing the best modern TV unit for your home, it’s important to take into consideration how the décor and accessories are placed in your room. Opt for a modern built in TV wall unit design that will save you much needed space. The TV unit designs that have a modern design theme will provide creative storage and display options that can make your room look well-organized and stunning. Mix and match modern TV unit designs 2018 with the colour scheme of your sofa set to give your room a coordinated and polished look. At Urban Ladder, there’s no dearth of options you can explore for your home décor needs!

Check out the latest TV cabinet for your home

Reimagine your space with the latest TV units that will elevate the ambience of your home. Undoubtedly, TV cabinets massively improve the appearance and mood of the room as they make the space look clean and organized. Moreover, the smooth lines and refined exterior of a TV cabinet design can also work as an ideal furniture accessory for modern and contemporary spaces. With space becoming a premium in most homes, stylish TV cabinet designs for living room can be a boon in terms of extra storage space. A TV unit design for hall can easily accommodate myriad items ranging from papers to photographs. Consider wooden TV cabinet for living room due to its stability, sturdy design, durability, and low maintenance requirements. Anything from light to deep dark shades of wooden wall mounted TV cabinets are excellent for homes that have modern as well as traditional décor elements.

Create an inviting vibe in your bedroom space by placing a stylish recliner near your modern TV cabinet. Nothing beats the experience of watching your favourite movies and TV shows while relaxing comfortably on a soft recliner. A leather recliner next to a wooden TV unit will certainly spruce up the glam quotient of your bedroom. For areas such as the home office, a TV unit is perfect for those who have frequent online meetings and conferences. Organize your workspace with a stylish and functional study table along with a TV unit to brighten up your home office décor. After all, a well-organized workspace is all it takes to improve efficiency and productivity at work. Explore the latest and trendiest furniture designs on Urban Ladder to set up your own inimitable décor space. With an entire range of products for every area, right from the living room to the bedroom, you’re sure to find something that will best fit your unique personality and lifestyle needs.

Check out the best TV unit design at Urban Ladder

Good furniture adds to the beauty and character of the home. The arrangement and selection of the right furniture can be a creative way of expressing your personality. While we put a lot of thought into choosing the best bed or sofa set, what about investing in a good TV unit design? A stylish TV cabinet design not only provides a safe place to mount the TV, it also improves the viewing experience while watching shows and movies. A TV unit design for hall can work wonders in lifting the décor mood of the living room. Moreover, with a TV unit design for hall you also get an excellent display unit to exhibit your favourite pieces of art and photos that will further personalise your space. If you stay in a home with a modern or contemporary décor theme, consider placing a modern built in TV wall unit design in your living room or bedroom space. Wooden TV units are apt for modern homes as they add great value to the décor space due to its versatile and adaptable character. Since they also last for years with little maintenance, they also double up as excellent storage units for homes with a space-crunch. Check out the best TV units and more for your home at Urban Ladder!

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Choosing TV Units based on your TV sizes

If you spend hours together in front of the TV watching movies or sitcoms after a long tiring day at the office, you know how important a TV unit or cabinet can be. A stylish and safe way to store your device, a TV cabinet is often the focal point of a living room. Therefore it’s paramount that you choose a design that is supremely functional and elegant. The best TV unit design for living room spaces is one that has ample storage and is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the large TVs of today. With cutouts for your cables, cubbies that can hold your set-top box, and shelves to display your speakers, the modern TV cabinet comes with expansive additional storage to help you organize and manage your home entertainment system effortlessly. A TV cabinet for living room can also be used to store and display other miscellaneous items, such as CDs, books, photo frames, and other keepsakes.

Choose from the wide TV unit for living room range available at Urban Ladder varying in size, storage capacity, materials, and design. You could buy a free-standing option if you have a spacious living room and if you want the extra storage that comes with it. A wall mount TV stand on the other hand can be considered if you want to conserve floor space while creating a more modern and sleek TV area. You can also choose the size of the cabinet based on the size of the TV - common sizes being a smaller TV stand for 43 inch TV or a larger TV stand for 65 Inch TV. They also come in different colors and finishes, from dark wooden options to bright white cabinets, allowing you to customize your TV cabinet to your home interiors and decor.

Choosing TV Cabinets based on the viewing height

Depending on the TV size, seating arrangement in your room and the viewing height, you can decide whether to go for a high TV unit or a low TV unit. Do keep in mind that a cabinet should be at least 2-3 inches longer than the TV width. For maximum comfort, a TV should be placed at a height where the center of your screen is at eye level or slightly below it, when seated.

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You can use a measuring tape to arrive at this height accurately. Ask a grown up among you to be seated in their usual spot while watching TV. Now, measure from the floor up to their eye level. Next measure the gap from the centre of your screen to the base of your TV frame. When this number is added to the TV unit’s height, it should be equal to the view’s line measurement.

In case you aren’t able to find the perfect-sized cabinet, get one that is closer, in dimensions to the ideal height. And if you have a choice between the TV screen being slightly higher or lower than the ideal height, go for a low height TV unit where the screen will be a little lower than your eye level while seated.

Tip: The viewing distance should be 2x your screen size. This means, if you have a 55-inch tall TV unit, place it at least 110 inches from the viewing area.

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Points To Keep In Mind While Purchasing TV Unit Online

  • Knowing your TV’s size and weight will help you choose the best TV cupboard that can support your media unit and enhance the viewing experience.
  • Choose a TV shelf that’s optimal for your room based on functionality and decor. A TV unit design for bedrooms will differ in scale and utility with that of a TV showcase in the living room.
  • Always do an extensive research online to find a TV table design that meets your varied requirements, quality and lifestyle, and fits your price range, to get the most value. Product and seller reviews are also helpful.
  • Read product descriptions carefully to know the dimensions, materials, finish, functionalities, etc to be sure about every aspect of the selected TV shelf to avoid surprises after purchase. You are also advised to go through the terms and conditions, return policy, exchange, refund, etc to know your options in case you don’t like the TV rack on delivery.
  • Lastly, check the payment options, estimated delivery time and its charges, where applicable.

Reasons To Buy TV Units From Urban Ladder

A TV unit can enhance your viewing experience while serving as a compact and minimalist storage unit. So if you want to keep your TV safe and create a lovely space for the whole family to gather around, buy the best TV unit at the most affordable rates online at Urban Ladder. You could purchase a designer TV stand with features like adjustable shelves, drawers and cabinets, CD slots and so much more. You can also choose from materials like durable wood options or sleek steel stands that are easier to clean or brightly colored acrylic tv units that would go perfectly in a kid’s bedroom.

Filter through our collection to find the TV stand price that fits your budget, so you don’t have to roam from store to store trying to find a design that you can afford. And the best part is, once you’ve purchased your TV cabinet online, all you have to do is sit back and relax, as you have your TV unit delivered right to your doorstep, and have it installed for free, saving you both, time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose a TV Unit?

    TV Units can be chosen based on the size of the TV and the storage requirements. Options available are Wall Mounted TV Units, TV Cabinets and Entertainment Units.
  • Where to buy TV unit designs online?

    Thoughtfully designed TV cabinets to suit your unique style and varied need, Urban Ladder offers quality and value.Shop from the comfort of your own home using the Urban Ladder site or app.
  • Which wood is best for TV unit?

    Nothing beats solid wood when it comes to durability. Most Urban Ladder TV Units are made with Sheesham wood, known for its beauty and sturdiness.
  • Should a TV unit be wider than the TV?

    A TV unit should be wider than the TV so that there is enough space to accommodate the TV and all the related gadgets
  • How long should a TV unit be for a 55 inch TV?

    A 55"tv is generally 48" to 52" wide depending on the manufacturer. The unit should be at least as wide as the base / legs of the tv


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4. Buy Engineered Wood TV Stand or Entertainment Unit Only for Rs. 9,999/- only - Haute Homiez Decor
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5. Buy Engineered Wood TV Stand or Entertainment Unit Only for Rs. 9,999/- only - Haute Homiez Decor
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6. Buy Engineered Wood TV Stand or Entertainment Unit Only for Rs. 9,999/- only - Haute Homiez Decor
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