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Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (1)

Erika of Granite Bay, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 10, 2023

Best experience hiring Budget Blinds. I recommend them 100%. Michayla, Jacob and Clayton did a great job. They worked on several window treatments, as well as blinds, drapes and hardware. They are professional and punctual. Thank you BUDGET BLINDS' Team!!!

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Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (2)

Sean of New York, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 20, 2022

On September 2nd I entered into an agreement with Mari **, sales representative for Sue and Trevor Pinto of Budget Blinds of Mid-Lower Manhattan, to have smart motorized shades installed in our apartment. During the sales process Mari stated Budget Blinds affiliate brand Inspired Shades would function exactly like the more expensive non-affiliated Lutron brand. Specifically, Mari had inspected our current Lutron set-up with a single hub hidden from sight and told me Inspired Shades would work exactly as the Lutron accessories in our apartment do. Based on this information I paid $2500 for the Inspired Shades.

At time of installation on September 28th the blinds did not work through a remote or app. The professional installers informed me they typically have issues with Inspired Shades and we should have purchased Lutron. The installers left the apartment with the blinds not working through the app and instead of providing one remote as promised at time of purchase, each blind needed its own remote next to the blind to function.

The installers came a second time on September 30th and suggested we place multiple receivers in plain sight around the apartment in an effort to get the blinds to work. I specified the receivers must be hidden but were willing to try it to see if it worked. The installer still could not manage to get all the blinds to work even with receivers in plain sight.

That same day I was told I could replace the Inspired Shades with Lutron, although I would only receive a $1995 credit towards the purchase vs the $2500 I had already paid. I offered to pay the difference between the $2500 I had already paid and the cost to fabricate new Lutron blinds. Mari declined and suggested the installers come a third time.

On December 7th the installers came to the apartment a third time. At this point the apartment had been rented so the installers were disturbing our renters in the process. The installers proceeded to place a hub in plain sight on the kitchen counter and put 2 signal repeaters in outlets next to the blinds. One of the outlets was a single plug high voltage outlet designed for our air conditioning. Our apartment was recently gut renovated with many available outlets, but this outlet was closest to the bedroom blind. The installers unplugged the air conditioning and placed a signal repeater in that outlet rendering our air conditioning unit useless. The installers did not set up a multi-channel remote in the process. Mari wrote later that day and claimed the shades "are all functioning properly".

I was sold a product that would function with a single remote or through a phone app with a hub hidden in the same place we have a hubs for our other smart home appliances. What was delivered was a product that does not work as advertised. In simple terms, I paid for a product I did not receive. Our apartment is less than 700 sq ft and all 3 windows are on the same wall. The desired location for the hub is less than 15ft from any one blind motor. Mari cited electronic interference as the reason the hub would not reach the blinds, even though none of our other smart home appliances have this issue.

I have tried to solve this by offering to pay for the difference in the Inspired Shades and Lutron. I have also dedicated significant time with Budget Blinds trying to get Inspired shades to work. As a last resort I tried to involve the corporate office on 12.8 and was promptly told they could not help. Bottom line, stay far away unless you are willing to risk the same treatment.

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Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (3)

Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (4)

Allen of Maricopa, AZ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 12, 2022

Ordered in September. Was told that it would be 4 weeks. Now they tell me "maybe" December. They changed installation twice. The last excuse is that they messed up order. It has always been some type of excuse. This has all been paid for.

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Lidia of Victoria, Other Verified Reviewer

Resolution response: Oct. 21, 2022

The local office of Budget Blinds contacted me as soon as they read my e-mail to them informing them that I had posted a bad review. Within a week they changed my battery free of cost. They were pleasant on the phone and in person. My motorized blinds work, they are open and I have sunlight coming in! Thank you.

Original review: Oct. 14, 2022

I purchased window blinds a few years ago. They DID NOT inform me that to replace the battery on the remote control would cost $250!!! One particular window is high up on the wall, I was ok with the manual string to pull them up. The lady insisted that the remote control was the way to go. One year later the battery is dead. The worst part is that when I phoned to ask if someone can come and replace the battery, it's high up and I need a latter, and I don't know what kind of battery it takes. That's when he told me it would cost $250. He referred be to another company that would cost only $150!

I asked if I could purchase the battery from them and install it myself, he said no. He wouldn't tell me what kind of battery it takes. He had not interest in my situation at all whatsoever! The blinds have been permanently closed all this time. He gave me the number of the other company and hung up the phone. I advise everyone to not purchase from this company.

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Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (5)

Marcia of Warrenton, OR Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 20, 2022

I ordered blinds from them last year. Waited 3 months for them to be delivered. The whole process took about 8 months. The valances were material and were not smooth. The designer said the company changed the design so I went with wooden ones instead. One blind had a hole in it. They were remote controlled and it didn't work on the first visit. Two more times the installer had to come out and work on the remote controls so the blinds would move and move correctly. The installer said on the third visit that two of the motors were defective. Two brand new motors defective? Was was the chance of that?

He came on the fourth time to say the company would not give him new motors and for him to call tech support for help. Seriously? They should have been sent without any problem. He did find a motor in their stockroom and the other came from the defective blind with the hole in it. After four visits it was finally correct for the most part. They still sometimes don't all move up or down at the same time like they are supposed to. I will never use them again and regret not going to Home Depot for blinds.

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Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (6)

Kenneth of Redding, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 12, 2022

A few weeks after buying expensive wood shutters from Budget Blinds of Redding CA one of the 8 panels started malfunctioning. Panel would either stay completely closed, or completely open, when I adjusted it slightly down it would flop completely open. I called Budget Blinds of Redding. The person answering had a hard time understanding my simple description of what was happening. Finally she said OK, they would look at it and replace if necessary. She added there would be a $125 service charge to pay for gas and other expenses!!! (I live right in Redding and their business is in Redding.) So, because Budget Blinds of Redding CA sold me defective merchandise I have to pay them $125 to fix it!! I was mad hearing this outrageous "gas and expense charge", didn't pay, and will tell all others I would not ever use this company again. Budget Blinds of Redding is looking out for.... themselves, not you.

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Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (7)

Wayne of Roach, MO Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 26, 2022

Spent 5k on blinds. Has 5 year warranty on motorized blinds. Motors are bad. Drain batteries in a week. Blinds Don't roll up straight. Only to be told, "Oh well. Fix it yourself." I would think twice before I purchased anything from them. It's gong to cost me another 5k to replace them. Not even 3 years old. Only used on weekends.

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Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (8)

stephen of Humble, TX Verified Reviewer

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Original review: May 13, 2022

We purchased our blinds less than a year ago and they have jammed more than once and will not retract fully. When I called for repairs I was informed that this was not covered by the warranty and that I must have did something to them to cause the jam. Sorry I purchased and will not do so in the future nor do I advise anyone else to purchase

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Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (9)

Raman of New Westminster, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 2, 2022

There were motorized blinds installed at my place 3 years back. One of them stopped working which I reported to Budget blinds and they sent their service guy at my place who inspected and told me motor is dead and needs to be replaced. I followed up with budget blinds and I was told these blinds are no more manufactured and their repair is also not done. Therefore, they cannot be repaired or replaced. My only option is to buy new one at my own cost.

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Top 559 Budget Blinds Reviews (10)

William of Rio Rancho, NM Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 22, 2022

Purchased 3 motorized blinds, in June 2021, normal delays in this pandemic time, not fault of company. Installation was fine, however one blind failed and was partially diagonal in window. It was replaced and has been fine. Ordered two more for front windows the last of Aug 2021, installed 11/9/2021. One of them failed with a similar diagonal problem as the first failure, during normal operation. Replacement part/unit supposedly ordered in late December 2021 after technician arrived and worked on blind. As of 21 Apr 2022 Budget Blinds of Rio Rancho has no clue/records of what happened or why replacements have not been ordered or received. Failure rate of 40% of products and $2200.00 spent on these blinds is totally unacceptable but can't get anyone from business to respond and rectify this situation. Their statement of tremendous customer service is worse than a bad joke.

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