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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (1)

Frederick E of North Las Vegas, NV Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 20, 2022

Worst by the far the worst mortgage company I've been with, worse than Wells Fargo and that tells you a lot. They hit you with unrelated fees monthly and wait 6 months before reimbursement, they violate RESPA on a daily occurrence and the CFBP does nothing. I've file 3 complaints with the CFPB and that still doesn't get their attention. Their associates are like talking to a wall and if I could see the looks on their faces they probably look like a deer got caught in headlights. I will continue to file complaints against them. Hopefully they will get fed up and sell my loan.

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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (2)

Jeffrey of Lima, OH Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 28, 2022

Our loan was bought out by this company during our CARES Act mortgage forbearance. We had signed the loan modification to restart our loan and kick everything to the back. While the signed papers were in transit, Midland bought out our mortgage. It has been hell since. First they didn't accept the agreement signed from our previous bank. Didn't contact us for two months, we didn't know who bought our loan, just that it had been bought. The staff that answers the phone and who you are transferred to are some of the most incompetent individuals I've ever dealt with. They talk over you, answer questions you didn't ask, EVERYTHING takes 3-5 business days.. Even though 3-5 business days has turned into 5 months trying to get something concrete with these people. They will say something in one sentence and contradict what they said the next.

They were trying to put the $25k we owed from the forbearance into a $40k extra loan! So I found a company to help pay the $25k. Well to keep it under the $25k has now cost over $6400 while in waiting for them to send ONE email. While they keep charging late fees and every other rep states, I'm sending the email If you have a choice, STAY AWAY. We don't have that choice right now.

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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (3)

Leslie of Willis, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 5, 2022

Our mortgage statement showed over 6900 on escrow in November 2021. Insurance and taxes were paid December 2021 for 3800. Now Jan 2022 statement shows a negative 5900 in escrow. Those numbers do not add up. They claim payments were not made for 6 months but yet we have receipts showing payments and statements showing payments. Thus company is full of crooks. They screw you out of every penny the can.

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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (4)

Pamela of Austell, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 7, 2021

I very rarely write reviews but after seeing all the negative reviews I had to respond. Our mortgage was purchased by My Midland Mortgage from Citimortgage about 10 years ago. From the start I have never in 10 years had 1 problem! I love the online portal to handle all your payments, payoff options, to receive tax and escrow information. Midland was the reason that I found out that the original seller of my home, had STOLEN it back and place the deed back in his name. How was this possible? I have no clue but upon receiving my escrow balance and showed a -negative balance and my mortgage increase $100 out of nowhere.

I made the call to later find out this had been done in 2006. We purchased the home in 2000. That lead me to the tax accessor office, which is was advised to file a police report to later find out the seller died in 2007. Mortgage was reduced, taxes was corrected old seller was receiving all homestead exemptions which case this problem. Also Midland has and incentive program if you pay your mortgage on time at the end of 5 years you could earn up $5000 applied to your principal balance. Well Dec 2020 I received the incentive just as promised which reduced my principal balance. Upon me preparing to sell our home which I'm sadden that I will be losing Midland as my mortgage company I then realized our payoff was $5000 less than I original thought... Thank you Midland Mortgage for all the wonderful years that you serviced our Mortgage. #Blessings

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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (5)

Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (6)

Deno of Lithonia, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 15, 2021

My Mortgage was sold to MM from the collapse of Irwin Mtg in 2001. I had a few run-ins with their attorney whom I quickly got under control. Outside of that MM has been awesome with everything I needed up to the pandemic of Covid. At no time did they lose communication with me or I with them. We have a great relationship and I am very happy with them as my servicer. I've worked with them many times and it has always been successful. These negative reviews may be correct for some but my experience has been the total opposite!

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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (7)

Nora of Arab, AL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 8, 2020

I moved to Alabama to care for my stepfather of 30 plus yrs as my mom passed away in Oct 2013. I retained a attorney to represent my family and they refuse to allow me to buy the property. House has not foreclosed.

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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (8)

Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (9)

Karen of New Haven, CT Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 22, 2020

Midland Mortgage Staff members are very rude and unprofessional. They said one thing and do completely the opposite. When I sold my house, I called to confirm if final payment was received and they claimed payment was received after 5 pm. And they reported payment late.

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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (10)

Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (11)

Darrel of Temple, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 20, 2020

Midland bought the mortgage on my home in Caldwell County, Texas. Tried to refinance for a better interest rate and was assured they would work with me as I was at the time a long haul truck driver. Needless to say the refinance fell through. Then the they claim I had never tried the refinance my and would not do so because they did not have a physical presence in Texas. My credit union's records proved they lied.

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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (12)

Tamara of Castle Rock, CO Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 2, 2020

My experience has been the opposite of many reviews here. My mortgage was sold by Chase to MM. I had a rough couple of years financially for several reasons, but MM was communicative, supportive, and very patient. I never once talked with an agent who was a jerk. They slapped me with late fees, but who wouldn't? My only complaint is that EVERY phone call takes sooooo long because they have all these scripts & interrogations they HAVE to go through.

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Top 116 Midland Mortgage Reviews (13)

Terrenie of Mesquite, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 24, 2020

Unfortunately, my mortgage was sold to Midland Mortgage. They're insensitive and very difficult to deal with, whenever you have any type of hardship. I had a medical condition that caused me to lose my job and Midland wouldn't work with me at all. Chase was my previous mortgage lender and they were so kind, helpful, and sympathetic. I Steer clear of this mortgage lender!!!

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