The Hottest Films Landing in Cinemas This Month (2023)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the hottest films landing in cinemas this month! If you're looking for something fun to do this summer that doesn't involve being out in the heat all day long, heading to your nearest cinema is the perfect way to stay cool and catch the latest blockbusters on the big screen. From touching love stories to downright frightening flicks, we've got you covered with our pick of the most exciting new titles to look forward to this August.

Meg 2: The Trench

Synopsis: Jason Statham returns to his role as rescue diver Jonas Taylor in Meg 2: The Trench. In this thrilling sequel, Taylor leads a daring team as they head back to Mana One, their research facility located in the depths of the Mariana Trench, in search of megalodons, or 'megs'. However, during their exploration, they discover that illegal mineral farming has been taking place at the bottom of the ocean, causing a rupture in the trench. As a result, several deep-sea creatures come to the surface and terrorize residents staying at a nearby resort. Taylor and his crew must race against time to save everyone before it's too late.

Release Date: Showing in cinemas now

Haunted Mansion

Synopsis: Gabbie and her son Travis move to Gracey Manor in New Orleans with hopes of starting a bed-and-breakfast. Little did they know that their new home is extremely haunted. When Father Ken, a priest and exorcist, learns about the hauntings, he recruits help from Ben, who has created a special camera that can capture photos of paranormal matter. Along with the assistance of psychic Harriet, who makes contact with the spirits residing in the house, the crew delves into Gracey Manor's long-running history, which has made it crawl with spirits to this day.

Release Date: Showing in cinemas now

Love Never Ends

Synopsis: Weijie, an elderly empty nester, and Huiru, an elderly widow who collects rubbish, meet by chance and gradually begin to develop feelings for each other. They befriend Dingshan, a husband who lovingly cares for his wife Huanxin, who suffers from Alzheimer's. Despite all being in their twilight years, both couples are deeply in love with their respective partners and live out the rest of their lives in each other's company.

Release Date: Showing in cinemas now

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Synopsis: After an accident that resulted in mutant creations falling into the sewers of New York City, a group of humanoid mutants lurk underneath the city. Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael are four turtle brothers who have spent their entire lives in the sewers with their adoptive rat father, Splinter, who trains them as ninjas to protect themselves against humans and other threats. However, the boys seek a different path in life and want to experience life on the surface like any other teenager.

Release Date: Showing in cinemas from August 10

Gran Turismo

Synopsis: Based on the true story of British motorsport racing driver Jann Mardenborough, Gran Turismo is a biographical drama that follows Mardenborough as he wins a series of Nissan-sponsored video game competitions, which ultimately leads to him becoming a professional racecar driver. Mardenborough quickly learns that racing virtually doesn't come close to the threats and consequences of racing in real life. Nonetheless, he faces his fears and pushes himself and his driving skills to the limit.

Release Date: Showing in cinemas from August 10

Home for Rent

Synopsis: Ning, her husband Kwin, and their daughter Ing move out to a condo after renting out their home to single mother Ratree and her daughter Nuch. After their new tenants move in, Ning's old neighbor, Mrs. Phorn, notices suspicious behavior from the house and shares this information with Ning. Adding to the fact that Kwin has also been acting strangely ever since the move, Ning quickly catches on that her tenants are part of a dark cult and that her daughter Ing is being targeted by the cult for a horrifyingly sinister reason.

Release Date: Showing in cinemas from August 17

Blue Beetle

Synopsis: College graduate Jaime Reyes returns to his hometown in search of his purpose in life. One day, he comes into possession of the Scarab, an ancient relic that contains alien biotechnology. When the Scarab chooses Jaime to be its host, he gains a suit of armor that gives him extraordinary powers, such as the ability to fly and create weapons from his imagination. Jaime's destiny is changed forever as he becomes the Blue Beetle, a crime-fighting superhero.

Release Date: Showing in cinemas from August 17

It Remains

Synopsis: Four friends head on a camping trip to an island in the middle of nowhere. As they venture further into the island, they stumble upon a village with an unsettling atmosphere but decide to set up camp there for the next few days. During their trip, each of the four friends begins to experience haunting occurrences, leading them to realize that a mysterious dark force is out to get them. Can the group of four make it off the island unscathed before it's too late?

Release Date: Showing in cinemas from August 24

And there you have it, our selection of the hottest films landing in cinemas this month. Whether you're in the mood for action, horror, romance, or adventure, there's something for everyone. Grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the magic of the big screen!

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